Meet the winners of the 2017 London Caipirinha Festival:




Made in Brasil

London’s Best Caipirinha 2017 (2017’s Champion)

Temakinho Soho

London’s Best Fruit Caipirinha (Mango)

Made in Brasil Boteco

London’s Best Exotic Caipirinha
(Banana & Cinnamon, Raspberry & Chilli)

Las Iguanas Spitalfields

London’s Best Caipirinhas Menu
(Variety of options)

Abelha Cachaça

London’s Best Brazilian Cachaça

Leandro Paganini (Salsa Bar!)

London’s Best Caipirinha Bartender 2017

Temakinho Soho

London’s Best Brazilian Bar Decor & Design

Bistrô Requinte

London’s Best Brazilian Food and Restaurant

Temakinho Soho

London’s Best Brazilian Culinary Fusion (Japanese & Brazilian)

Café Pacifico

London’s Best Bar Customer Service

The Light Lounge

London’s Best Caipirinha Innovation
(Cucumber Caipirinha)


Some of the main outcomes of the The London Caipirinha Festival 2017

  • 19 participating bars and restaurants
  • 578 members of the public cast their votes over the 10 days
  • 3 bars created specific caipirinha menus
  • 2 bars established new cachaça suppliers following their participation in the festival
  • 4,000 people followed the festival via social media
  • 54 news articles were published in the British and Brazilian media
  • A new market for cachaça was established in the UK
  • A new standard was set for caipirinhas amongst the British market


The London Caipirinha Festival is an annual event and the next edition is already confirmed for July 2018.


The London Caipirinha Festival is the largest Brazilian cocktail and drinks competition in London, designed to showcase Brazilian gastronomy and raise the profile of cachaça in the UK.

London Caipirinha Festival—London-based bars and Brazilian restaurants will compete to be crowned as winner of “the best caipirinha in London”, amongst other categories.

The London Caipirinha Festival seeks to engage London’s cocktail-loving community by shedding a light on the Brazil’s quintessential national cocktail drink, the caipirinha!

Every country has its own signature distilled drink. In Brazil, it’s cachaça, or pinga, and it’s used as the base for one of the most famous cocktails in the world, the caipirinha.

The competition – London’s cocktail fans will be summoned to sample and assess the caipirinhas of participating establishments by casting their votes using on site or via the festival website.

You judge them! Get involved, have fun, drink responsibly!


The London Caipirinha Festival is the biggest Brazilian cocktail and drinks competition in London with the participation of London-based bars and Brazilian restaurants competing in various categories, including the “Best Caipirinha in London”!

Voting requires the participation of cocktail lovers of London. Scores from zero to five are awarded for a range of categories: the best caipirinha, the best cachaça, the best bartender, the best bar, best Brazilian restaurant, the best fruit for caipirinha, the best service and the best venue. Individuals may only fill out one voting form per establishment. There will also be an exclusive range of prizes on offer for members of the public who register their votes.

Throughout the festival entries will also be assessed by a panel of judges. Final scores will carry a 50% weighting from public votes and 50% from the judges. The voting process will be managed by the festival organisers, who will announce the results during the awards ceremony at the end of the festival.

All competing establishments will receive a certificate of participation, and those placed in the top of each category will receive a trophy, in addition to the coveted title “Best Caipirinha in London“.

All participating establishments will carry specific festival merchandise to denote their participation in the London Caipirinha Festival.

You judge them! Get involved, have fun, drink responsibly!